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DC-to-DC Converter - THT und SMD Version available

DC-to-DC Converters are used in applications with long feed line. Their task is to "fresh up" the input voltage. DC Converters are also used to transfer the input voltage to a different level at the output, which can be lower, equal or higher than the input voltage. Another use for DC Converter is the galvanic isolation between Input and Output signal.


DC DC Wandler DIP8

DIP 8 Size
1 - 3 Watt

DC/DC Wandler DIP24 Grösse

Dip 24 Size
3 - 15 Watt

DC/DC Wandler 2x1" Baugrösse

2 x 1“Size
15 - 30 Watt

DC/DC Wandler Quarter Brick Grösse

Quarter-Brick Size
30 - 100 Watt

DC/DC Wandler Half Brick Gehäuse

Half-Brick Size
50 - 350 Watt
Single / Dual Output

DC/DC Wandler Full Brick Gehäuse

Full-Brick Size
200 - 700 Watt
Temperatur Protection