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Coaxial cable, fibre optic cable (LWL), flat ribbon cable or round cable - we will help you


Cables are much more than just insulated copper wires.They are in use as conductor tracks in the "nervous system" of highly sophisticated machines, plants and assemblies. Without them, motors wouldn't move, electronics would not work, nor electricity would arrive at the specified location. Therefore the optimum design of the conductor cross-section, the length or the connectors and connectors is important.

We offer our customers savings in cost, time and space.

Through the use of semi-automatic and fully automatic machines, which cut cables, cords or strands, stripped and with connectors or contacts, our processes are designed in a time-saving and cost-effective manner.

Our customers enjoy fast processing and execution of their inquiries and orders. Using frame contracts and our customer warehouse in which pre-defined call-offs are available, we deliver precisely and thus ensure optimal supply.

In our warehouse, various cables, wires or leads are available, so that we can respond flexibly to customer requirements.

Since 1990, cables, wires and cords are assembled for our customers. So you can count on an excellent know-how with which we support you competently.

A selection of solutions:

  • Customised spiral cables
  • Cable harnesses
  • coaxial cable assemblies
  • Patch cable
  • Control line cables
  • Flat ribbon cable/round cable
  • Fibre Optic Cable Assemblies
  • Connections for sensors - crimped, screwed or begged
  • Cable assemblies for the medical industry
  • And much more ...

To ensure high quality, we work with well-known Suppliers of connectors, crimp contacts, pins and more. All our solutions are tested before delivery and are sent only after the exam has been passed. This test was all contained, the customer alone. We offer everything from sampling control to the 100% test - just ask.

Our solutions are all "Made in Germany" and realised in our manufacturing plant in Gerstetten.

Customized cable assemblies with single conductors from 0.06 -  6.00 mm2

Pre-assembled round cables with or without shielding


flat or round ribbon cables with different Pitsches

Data cable assemblies from  0.635 / 1.0 / 1.27 und 2.5 mm

Cordsets for electronic assemblies according to customer requirements

Cordsets for various applications


Coaxial cables for medical and flow technology

Power Cable Single Conductor 0:06 to 6.00 mm2


Connection plug crimped / screwed / soldered