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We are pleased to inform you about the change of leadership at the top of the Werap Group

As of January 1. 2015, the management of the Werap Group was transferred from Mr. Konrad Frischknecht to Mr. Daniel Rechtsteiner and Mr. Andreas Rüegg.

Konrad Frischknecht successfully built up the Werap Group over the past 43 years. Under his competent and responsible leadership the company grew steadily and gained an excellent reputation worldwide. Konrad Frischknecht has entered retirement age and therefore, has stepped away from daily operations, but remains with his know- how in the company as a board member and shareholder.

With the “passing of the baton” onto Daniel Rechsteiner and Andreas Rüegg, Werap passes out of family hands. Both of the new company directors are grateful and proud for the confidence being entrusted to them. They will continue to lead and further develop the company with the same spirit as its founder.

Together with our employees, we are looking forward to many new projects that we would like to successfully implement with you, our business partners.

Daniel Rechtsteiner, Werap Elektronik AG

Andreas Rüegg, Werap Wicklerei AG / Fabrimex AG

Handover of the Company Management Werap Wicklerei AG

Dear Customer, Supplier and Business Partner Beginning August 2015 I could celebrate my 65th birthday. That why after precisely 9 years management of the Company Werap Wicklerei AG, I decided to handover this function as of 1st of September 2015 to younger but skilled hands.

In this time period, I found and felt a lot of pleasure and gratification in contact with you and could ever count on your confidence and cooperation. Please let me express my sincere thanks to you.

I wish a great success and satisfaction to my successor, Mr. Andreas Rüegg, Managing Director of Werap AG Group in his extended function and kindly ask you to place your trust in him as well. I will personally keep on supporting Mr. Rüegg in specific projects at reduced working time and take care about the continuity of our successful business relationship. Along these lines, Mr. Rüegg will be pleased to become acquainted with you soon.

We will inform you later about the succession plan for the Sales and Engineering, departments that I managed as well. We wish you all the best for the future and are looking forward to a further cooperation.

Best regards,

Boda Kulendik, Werap Wicklerei AG

Andreas Rüegg, Werap AG